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Brake pad replacement is an essential part of car maintenance and ensures the full functionality of your vehicle’s braking system. A properly functioning braking system will help you avoid situations which can lead to mishaps or unnecessary expenses in the long run, especially on an exotic vehicle like the BMW 6 Series, which is very costly to fix or repair. This article will give you information regarding brake pad replacement for the BMW 6 Series and give tips and things to keep in mind when you choose to make a replacement.

Brake Pads and Braking Systems in the BMW 6 Series

The BMW 6 Series is a high-performance luxury vehicle with powerful acceleration and reliable braking performance. It also has high-quality brake pads which efficiently match the performance of the vehicle in high-speed conditions. Having good brake pads allows the vehicle to reach higher speeds without compromising on the safety of the passengers. 

BMW uses ceramic brake pads in their vehicles, including the 6-series, to provide reliable and efficient stopping power. Ceramic brake pads are generally more expensive, but are also more durable since they are made from a mixture of ceramic fibers and binding agents subjected to high temperatures and pressure.

How to Tell When Your Brake Pads Need Replacement

Brake pads are made of hard materials which slow down or stop your vehicle by pressing against the rotors of your car. However, since brakes work by applying friction to the car tires, they wear over time and can become less effective. Here are some common ways to know when your brake pads need a replacement:

  • Brakes take a longer amount of time to bring your vehicle to a stop.
  • The wear indicator flashes on the dashboard.
  • High-pitched squealing whenever you are braking
  • Pulsations and vibrations all around the vehicle during braking

Noticing any of the above signs on your BMW 6 Series strongly indicates the need for an inspection of your brake pads and, if necessary, a replacement. The replacement should only be done by a professional or at a qualified auto repair shop to ensure the propriety of the procedure.

Things to Take Note of When Replacing the Brake Pads of Your BMW 6 Series

Replacing your brake pads is crucial to maintaining your vehicle and ensuring it runs safely and smoothly. Here are some of the things to keep in mind when replacing the brake pads on your BMW 6 Series, as they contribute to the efficiency of the process.

  • Brake pads have a lifespan of about 3 to 5 or between 30,000 to 70,000 miles. Numerous factors, including the material and quality of the brake pads can increase or decrease the lifespan.
  • Manufacturers have guides or recommendations for carrying out brake pad replacements, so it is best to consult and follow the recommendations.
  • Also consider replacing other components of the vehicle's braking system, as they all work together with the brake pads to ensure efficient braking functions.

With all this in mind, you should also remember to engage the services of a reliable and qualified auto repair shop, like VT Motorworks. We have over 35 years of experience with maintaining and servicing vehicles in Pleasanton, CA, and you can be assured of a quality brake pad replacement process for your BMW 6 Series.