About Us

At Vt Motorworks customers can expect a dealership level of expertise with an unmatched level of customer service. What makes Vt Motorworks so unique is the fact your service advisor is also the Master Technician that works on your vehicle. This makes for a more personal relationship for the customer and insures there is no disconnect in the entire service process. However what sets Vt Motorworks apart from the rest is the ability and skill of the staff to create a one of a kind customer experience. Whether you want to have a dual purpose “Track day” car, or a jaw dropping show car, Vt Motorworks can deliver. With a history of building SEMA show stopping cars, to magazine quality daily drivers and even Championship winning race cars, Vt Motorworks is all encompassing shop where quality and service are priority one. Vt Motorworks will strive to be the premier BMW Automotive shop in the greater Bay Area.

At Vt Motorworks our passion and enthusiasm for everything automotive goes beyond just BMW's. If you have a project or maintenance job that you would like us to provide our brand of excellence to give us a call. We'd be happy to talk to you about it.

The Team

Wing Phung


Wing has been around cars since high school, from general automotive to specializing in BMWs. Wing graduated from BMW STEP and has worked in BMW dealerships for over 6 years. Wing is a BMW factory trained Master Technician with 14 years of automotive experience. Wing’s keen expertise is the vehicle’s electrical system, with his knowledge and experience he has done multiple CA BAR legal motor swaps on BMWs. Wing has the ability to work under stress and time restraints. He is also well organized and meticulous in his work.

Matt Medeiros


After graduating from Saint Mary's College, Matt began to puruse his passion for cars. Starting with graduating from Sequoia Institute Matt began an intensive apprenticeship in automotive fabrication and in the BMW brand. He has been on the ground floor for three separate successful automotive shops in the Bay Area. Over the past 20 years Matt has continued to hone his skills in three automotive disciplines; automotive, medium duty diesel and fabrication. He has managed several semi-professional race cars, overseeing and performing their maintenance, pit crew management and attending to demanding racers.