Livermore, CA - Mini Cooper AC Services Available at Our Auto Repair Shop

A warm summer day makes driving your Mini Cooper extra fun, especially if you have the option of using a convertible roof. Even with a convertible, you’ll want air conditioning in your Mini Cooper to keep yourself comfortable during your drive. Our experts will discuss what to look our for in your Mini Cooper for air conditioning problems and what to do if you experience issues.

Mini Cooper Air Conditioning Troubleshooting

Mini Cooper drivers can experience a variety of small issues with their air conditioning systems. Air conditioning in a Mini Cooper involves a fairly simple system of a closed off container full of coolant called Freon, a compressor to move liquid and air, and a powerful fan to blow the cooled air moving through Freon and into the vehicle’s cabin.

Inside the vehicle, the Mini Cooper also can have electronics controlling the temperature, in addition to a thermostat helping to decide when the temperature becomes correct. A problem at any of these points can readily result in incorrect temperatures and an extra hot summer. We don’t see examples of where the air conditioner is blowing too cold!

Another more significant problem stems from a Freon leak. Humans should not inhale Freon excessively - and the Freon within your vehicle tends to smell sweet or like mildew. If you do smell something in your car, get the vehicle to us right away to fix a leak.

What to do about Mini Cooper Air Conditioning problems

Most of the air conditioning system is buried behind the dashboard. Other problems like a bad blower are commonly an electrical issue. Either way, your best bet is to call us at the first sign of trouble and we’ll inspect it.

While air conditioners are reasonably easy to work with, getting to them can be a challenge. You’ll want special, soft but durable tools to remove dashboard pieces without banging up your car. You might end up working at weird angles that we have found we are good at getting to!

Preventative Maintenance for Mini Cooper Air Conditioning

We’ll be honest: A regular inspection of your vehicle will catch things you might not have suspected as a problem, or just accepted. The good news about getting your vehicle inspected by us so that we’ll probably find some small, and maybe even big problems which you’ll pay less for in time and inconvenience if you catch them before they leave you stranded or super hot and sweaty in your vehicle.

Regular maintenance is huge. Paying for an oil change and brake inspection becomes much cheaper than waiting too long for an oil change or burning right through your brake pads.