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The BMW 6 is a series of automobiles produced and marketed by BMW since 1976, specifically designed for high-speed and long-distance driving. These vehicles offer a combination of both luxury and performance, which is achievable with the help of the BMW turbocharged engine. The high-performance engine in the BMW 6 Series requires a lot of maintenance practices and procedures to ensure it is always functioning at maximum capacity.

One such maintenance procedure is Oil changing, which involves the replacement of the engine oil which is used to lubricate moving parts. Auto repair shops offer numerous services, like oil changes, oil filter replacements, and solutions to other oil-related problems, so you won’t have to go through the stress of doing them yourself.

BMW 6 Series Oil Change Services

Replacing the engine oil in your BMW is simple and straightforward enough for anyone with the right set of tools to do it. However, having the oil changed at a reliable auto repair shop has numerous perks, some of which are listed below.

  • Tools and Equipment: To carry out a successful oil change, you would need different types of tools and equipment, such as sockets and oil filter wrenches, drain pans, oil filters, and plug washers. Auto repair shops have all these and other facilities which aid the procedure.
  • Expert Technicians: In addition to tools and equipment, auto repair shops also have technicians dedicated to providing you with top-quality services. These technicians are able to utilize the available tools and are experienced with oil changing and replacement procedures.
  • Additional Services: An auto repair shop visit will include more than just a simple change. The technicians also help carry out some basic inspections on the vehicle's oil chambers and system, making it easier to identify problems before they happen.

Importance of Regular Oil Changes

Components in a vehicle’s engine come into contact at very high speeds, resulting in a buildup of friction which wears down their surfaces. With the presence of engine oil, a thin protective layer is formed between the components, preventing friction from building up.

BMW recommends regular oil changes at a frequency of about 7,500 to 10,000 miles, or after 6 to 12 months from the last change. Frequent oil changes improve its capability to carry out processes like lubrication and heat dissipation, resulting in higher performance from your BMW engine.

Services for Replacing Oil Filters

Oil filters are designed to remove and prevent impurities like dirt, dust, and metal particles from contaminating engine oil. Constant filtering prevents the accumulation of contaminants, which reduces the effectiveness of the engine oil. However, the filters themselves could also accumulate particles which could clog their surfaces and impede the flow of the engine oil in your BMW. Most oil filters are disposable, so there is no way to clean and reuse them; the only option is to get a complete replacement. Fortunately, oil filters are relatively cheap and may be used for extended periods of time without needing cleaning or replacement.