Dublin, CA - Common BMW Suspension Problems Fixed at Our Auto Repair Shop

BMW designs many of their vehicles for a smooth, cloud like ride. After some years of driving, your BMW might not feel as gentle as it used to. We are here to guide you through some common suspension problems drivers experience with their BMWs.

Common BMW suspension problems - Pulling to one side

Your BMW should be able to sustain a few seconds of straight driving without you having to adjust or turn the wheel. A turn of the wheel should also result in a fairly predictable turn. If either of those tends to drift and you feel the car pull to one side, there is either an underinflated tire on your vehicle or you have a suspension problem.

While the suspension has many parts, an issue like pulling to one side likely means there is excess wear on one particular side which causes additional stress or something to be off balance. Definitely bring your BMW to us to get some help with a computerized alignment.

You feel every bump in your BMW

Your BMW’s suspension is not quite perfect and you will inevitably feel the forces of potholes or speed bumps on the road. If you start to feel every little bump and even ones you really cannot see, you’ve found a good sign that your BMW suspension is wearing down.

Feeling the rattles of the road is a certain sign you have some issues with shock absorbers and springs which are meant to take the impact of whatever is underneath you. We can get under your car and take a look at the cause and help you fix it.

Regular maintenance for your BMW suspension

A solid suspension is among reasons why BMW owners tend to like their BMWs. If you love the BMW and the suspension within, you should follow the scheduled maintenance plan for it to make sure it lasts the life of the car with the same abilities of the first day you fell in love with your performance vehicle.

We suggest scheduling regular work like oil changes and suspension inspections as often as recommended in the manual - or if you feel like something is happening in your BMW.

We look forward to meeting you and your BMW. We offer serious expertise and enjoy ensuring people around our community can get around on time and enjoy their rides.